Book Group

Sunday, October 16th

Following Worship and Coffee Hour

"Crossing the Bamboo Bridge" by Mai Donohue

     Memoirs of a Bad Luck Girl

"A captivating story of a young Vietnamese girl who resisted all odds and realized a true American dream.  Movies are made about women like Main Donohue."

Copies of the book may be reserved through the church office.  Available on Amazon.  $20.  The author will authorize the book for you if you order through the church.

Pastor Kathy will be the discussion leader.  Main hopes to join us (this is tentative).  Please go to Mai's website ( to read a description of the book and further information about this amazing and deeply brave woman.

Main and Pastor Kathy have been friends for over 40 years.  Their children grew up together and were friends in Barrington, RI>  Pator Kathy says, "I thought I knew Mai's story until I read her book.  I knew next to nothing."

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Membership Classes

We are so happy that your journey has led you to First  Congregational Church Randolph. ! It is our prayer that you have received a warm welcome to our community and that you are finding ways to get involved. If you are interested in becoming a church member, please join us for our membership classes: The DISCOVER and the BELONG courses.   

The DISCOVER and BELONG program is designed to inform you about how we understand ourselves and what  motivates as a Christian community.  We invite you to pray and consider what your next step of faith will be, how will you nurture your own faith formation, what are your gifts and talents, how will you connect, grow and serve being a member of our your church.

Where can I learn more about the church before I join? 

The church offers 2 classes designed to help people learn about the church and also to prepare them for church membership: the DISCOVER class and the BELONG class. 

Email us if are interested in joining the Discover and Belong Program

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