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Book Nook
Book Nook

Our Book Nook is closed for the winter season.  Watch here for details on our re-opening.

Our Book Nook is open on the last Saturday of the month.  Spread the word to all your friends and neighbors who love to read!  We have a huge selection of books for everyone!  Our books are new or gently used, and nothing is more than $1.00.  The "Open" flag will be flying on the little white building behind the church.  All proceeds benefit the music programs of the church.  

Song Writing Workshops

Saturday, March 18th

9:00 am - 11:00 am

Explore lyric writing, melody writing and chord structure.  No experience or musical knowledge necessary; just a willingness to be creative and enjoy each other's company!  You can attend in person or via Zoom.  The workshops will be held every 3rd Saturday of the month.  You don't have to commit to every month.  Come give it a try!  Scan QR Code or contact Nadine to register. 

Song Writing Workshops
Pool of Siloam Planting Activity
Pool of Siloam Planting

Sunday, March 19th

After Worship

All are invited to plant sunflower seeds after worship in the Vestry.  Each person receives a paper towel and is invited to write some questions they have about God on the paper. They will use that paper to wrap up the seed and plant it in their pot.  The questions will grow flowers rather than answers!  All materials will be provided.  Please contact Rachel Robicheau with questions. 

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