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Rev. Timoth Sylvia

Reverend Timoth Sylvia or “Rev. Timoth” as he is known on social media, has been serving in various ministry roles for nearly three decades. A graduate of Bangor Theological
Seminary, Timoth has served the community as Youth Pastor, University Campus Chaplain and local church Pastor. In addition, as a byproduct of the COVID pandemic, Timoth has
cultivated a vibrant TikTok ministry where he engages with a vast number of individuals (upwards of 100,000) many of whom have been hurt by the institutional church in the past.

With an ever-growing passion for church history and the ways that the institutional church is shifting into the future, Timoth brings a depth of authenticity to his ministry noted by some of
his colleagues to be unlike many others. Timoth’s sermons, writings and conversations are often built upon an understanding that a fair amount of the healing our world so
desperately needs can be found in our shared work and ministry. He makes it very clear that we, as followers of Jesus are to assist in breaking the Jesus movement out of the institutional church box and releasing it back into the world.

Outside of the local faith community, Timoth has been serving in leadership on the Conference level for nearly seven years and now serves the Southern New England Conference of the UCC as Moderator. He is a trained Professional Coach at the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level, and incorporates these skills into his work alongside those in the local church.

In addition to his coaching, Timoth has engaged in training within various other areas as a way of strengthening his ministry. He has received certification in transitional ministry with the Interim Ministry Network, participated in multiple Racial Justice trainings, been a fellow in the Chautauqua Clergy Leadership Program and much, much more.

He co-hosted a United Church of Christ webinar; “TikTok Ministry: Faith in the World” and was
recently featured as one of the presenters for the Convergence “Digital Ministry Summit.”

He has a deep and ever-growing passion for the church, the ways it has shifted throughout the years, and especially how it is navigating next steps into what many are calling “the postpandemic church” experience.

Outside of his time in ministry, Timoth enjoys the life he and his husband, Peter, have been creating for nearly 19 years together. They, and their three sons enjoy spending their spare time at their family home in Maine where they soak up the sun and continue to be captivated by all that lakeside living provides. Recently, an online ministry participant commended Timoth on what they felt appears to be at the core of his ministry… the ability to remind people that they are loved. To which he replied; “That’s what it’s all about!”

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