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"Never place a period where God has placed a comma," _Gracie Allen

We are a member church of the Southern New England Conference of the United Church of Christ, the largest protestant denomination in the commonwealth. The UCC is a progressive, radically inclusive Christian denomination. To learn more about our denomination and our conference click on one of the links below 

Ministry in the UCC takes place in an atmosphere of covenant. Local Churches work with one another in Associations and Conferences, and with others in national and global ministries, to carry out God’s mission. The UCC holds a biennial gathering of the General Synod, where delegates from throughout the church come together to discern God’s call as made known to us for the UCC (Article 1X, par. 53). Actions, decisions and advice of General Synod, of Conferences and of Associations are to be “held in the highest regard” by local churches (Article V, par. 19). “Each expression of the church has responsibilities and rights in relation to the others, to the end that the whole church will seek God’s will and be faithful to God’s mission” (Article 3, par. 6).


A local church becomes a part of the UCC by uniting with other local churches in a covenantal relationship (Article V, par. 17). This relationship is one characterized by trust, mutual commitment, promises and the kind of shared experiences which are rooted in commitment to God. All parts of the church–Association, Conference and Wider Church–participate in this relationship, discerning God’s will together


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