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Our pastor will officiate at wedding ceremonies in our sanctuary for both straight and gay couples.  


Weddings must be scheduled by contacting the church secretary at

781-963-6373 or





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Wedding Policy


When you have set your wedding date, please call the church office at 781-963-6373 to confirm the availability of the church and the pastor  As a courtesy, we ask you to contact the church should there be any change in your plans.


Pre-Marital Counseling

The Pastor will meet with the bridal couple, preferably two months in advance of the wedding date to plan/discuss the wedding ceremony and some of the dynamics of marriage. It is the responsibility of the bridal couple to contact the Pastor to arrange this counseling.  The invitation for another clergy to participate in your wedding is at the discretion of the Pastor and should only be considered after consultation with him/her.


Use of the Church Building

We ask you to treat the church building with respect; it is a sacred space.  There is no smoking in the building.  We also have a policy of no alcoholic beverages in the church building and on church grounds.



Our organist is Jeff Hobart. He is to be contacted through the church office if you desire music for your wedding. The use of another organist is at the discretion of Jeff Hobart who has first refusal.  As a courtesy, Jeff Hobart should be contacted as soon as possible to clear the date.



All fees include the Pastor (2-3 marital counseling sessions, preparation, rehearsal and ceremony), Organist, Sexton and Use of the Church.

Fee Schedule 

Your date will be reserved for you when we receive a 50% non-refundable deposit.  The remaining 50% will be due two weeks prior to your wedding date.


Checks should be made payable to:  First Congregational Church of Randolph.


Members:  $700 

Non-Members:  $1,200 


There is an additional fee of $100 (members and non-members) if a soloist is used, with a fee of $250 if the church provides the soloist.  The fee for printed material is $50 for members and $100 for non-members.  Wedding couple must provide bulletin covers.  There is also an additional $100 heat fee for non-members if your wedding is scheduled between November 1st and March 31st.

Selection of Music

The wedding is a sacred service; as such, it will be in keeping with the standards of this church's regular service music.  the selection of music must be appropriate to a service of worship.  All musical selections are done in consultation with the organist and the wedding couple.

Photographer and Videographer

The bridal couple may arrange for the services of a photographer and a videographer if they so desire. There are no flash pictures taken during the ceremony.


Church Sanctuary

Any floral arrangements for the sanctuary are the responsibility of the wedding couple. Be sure to arrange for their delivery at a time when the church will be open. The florist may leave wedding party flowers in the vestry.  It is proper to take the flowers with you to use at the reception. If you are a church member and wish to leave the flowers in the sanctuary for Sunday worship, please advise the Pastor.


Aisle Runner

A white runner for the aisles is not necessary. If one is desired however, the wedding couple should make the arrangements. (Runners are sometimes available at florist shops.)


Pew Bows

If you wish to have bows on the pews, they are to be secured by using ribbon. No tape of any kind is to be used in securing the bows to the pews.



Wedding guests are permitted to use birdseed/bubbles outside only on the cement sidewalk.



Guest parking is available in parking lot behind the church. The area in front of the church is reserved for the wedding party vehicles.


Marriage License

A couple that intends to be married in Massachusetts must apply in person for a marriage license at town (or city) hall.  

The wedding couple MUST present a valid marriage license to the pastor at the time of the wedding rehearsal. The rehearsal will not continue until one is presented. 

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