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What We Believe

As a congregation of the United Church of Christ we reflect the Protestant Reformation tradition rooted in New England.

We believe that God loves us, and that in Jesus Christ, God believes in us  and acts for us even when we do not love ourselves or believe in ourselves.

We believe we should love and care for each other and for the world in which we live.  We attempt to heal brokenness in our world, reconcile division and be a presence for justice and peace.


We try to be both a united and uniting church.

We believe each person brings a special gift to the church.  We honor and welcome each of these gifts and their use in our daily life and ministry.       We encourage those of every race, gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic circumstance, marital status and physical or developmental ability to join in the full life and ministry of First Congregational Church.


Because faith can be expressed in different ways

and belief is a miracle, we hold no rigid formula as a test of faith.  

We affirm the Bible as our source book

and the testimonies of our ancestors

as resources for Christian life.

We seek to trust each other, honor all people and love one another.



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